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Are you asking yourself, “What is a live online casino and what is the purpose of it?” A live online casino combines the convenience of playing on your computer at home while watching a real dealer shuffle and deal on a live feed.

The idea seems kind of strange at first. If you wanted to play a casino game with a real dealer, why didn’t you just go to a casino?

Live casinos in UK

For a lot of people, this simply isn’t an option all the time. You may have to make a special trip to the nearest Indian casino unless you live in gambling hot spots like Las Vegas or Atlantic City. If you live in the UK or the mainland of Europe, you might not have as far to travel; but the trip still may be an inconvenience to you as well.

Why did online casinos start having live online dealers?

There are two basic reasons for this:

1. There are quite a few gamblers that do not like random number generators. The RNG is a computer program that makes a random decision about the next card, number, spin, etc. Having a dealer flip the cards in real-time feels a lot more authentic than a computer generating your loss.
2. Some online casino games aren’t very fun to play online. They lose almost all of the prestige and entertainment value when it is reduced to an online program. Chief among these are the three games that you are most likely to find a live dealer for: Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat or Craps.
The live dealer was added these three games in particular because the realism and entertainment of watching an imaginary ball randomly fall on a computer generated wheel just doesn’t appeal to many casino gamblers. Playing bacarrat using online software is like calling a glorified coin flip and also loses most of its fun appeal.

The most popular game for live dealers is definitely blackjack. The game itself is perfect to play either way. Playing this game using the casino software allows you to play at your own pace by yourself. You can also play multiple hands at the same time at some online casinos. The live dealer brings the added realism of playing with other players at a table and making decisions that don’t only affect your bet.

live casino uk

Where can I find a Live Online Casino?

The first place that I would look if I were you are the live casinos on I like that site because they have actually tested and played at all of the online casinos listed there.

There are casinos listed on the site from all of the major casino gaming platforms like Microgaming, Playtech, RTG, Vegas Tech and Rival. So no matter which brand of gaming platform you like, you will be able to find trusted casinos online without any worries about losing your money in an unfair way.

However, the casinos listed on that Live Casino list as well as the majority of Live Dealer Casinos are in the UK and Europe. These casinos will not accept bets from a casino player from the United States. RTG, Vegas Tech and Rival accept bets from Americans; but none of the casinos that use that software have a live dealer option.

Are there any options for American Players?

Playing at a Live Online CasinoThere is one option for American casino players that would like to try playing at a live online casino. There are several online casinos that use a different casino software provider called 21Gnet. 21Gnet’s casino software is primarily played over your web browser, so you do not have to download anything onto your computer in order to play.

21Gnet casinos share a Live Dealer service from, which means that many of the casinos that use their software have access to live blackjack, roulette and baccarat tables.

My favorite online casino that uses 21Gnet is 5Dimes. They are actually one of the all-in-one betting sites. One account will get you access to an online casino, poker room, sportsbook, lottery and even lots of skill games like spades, rummy and dominoes. There are even proposition bets (called prop bets) for all kinds of different events relating to everything from Hollywood and TV shows to politics.

All you have to do is register and open an account at 5dimes. You will receive a username that starts with 5d*******; you will want to write this username down because I certainly don’t remember my username off the top of my head.