Keno Online

There are few differences between playing the game of Keno online, or in a live, continental style casino. The most obvious difference, of course, is the relative absence of major distractions and people in the online setting.The main practical differences between them, however, have to do with buying credits, making a bet and cashing-in at the end of play.

Generally, playing the game of Keno online, or in a live casino, is very similar. If a player is comfortable playing it one way, he will have little to learn in order to play it the other way. The big differences between them are the odds and payouts. For the sake of comparison, live casinos generally pay back about 0.70 to 0.75 cents on the dollar. Online casinos can pay more, or less than that, depending on where you play.

The Play-Live Casino Keno

Before the play begins, the player will select a single Keno card in the pack located on his table. He will be able to check how much time he has, before the next game is scheduled to begin, by noting the countdown clock on the large electronic Keno display board overhead. It displays the time remaining before the next game.

The player must indicate, in the space provided on the front side of his Keno card, the amount he wishes to bet on the impending game, or series of games, i.e., $1.00, $2.00, $5.00 or $10.00. Then, the player may pick between one and ten different numbers, which he wishes to play, and mark them with his pencil. Lastly, he must indicate, in the space provided on the front of his Keno card, the number of consecutive games he wishes to play, e.g., play 4.

He must register his numbers and wager, before the game begins, by ensuring they are recorded by the Keno writer, located at the Keno counter. He may deliver his Keno card to the counter himself, for the necessary processing, or signal a Keno runner who will do it for him. The Keno writer will keep the player’s original card and return a marked-up duplicate confirming the player’s picks and wagers. The duplicate serves as his receipt. In casino lingo, the original card completed by the player is called the inside ticket, and the duplicate is called the outside ticket.

Once he has his receipt, which is the marked up duplicate of his Keno card, he should confirm that it shows the current date, the number of the game about to begin, (all Keno games are numbered sequentially), and a unique serial number. Without all of these entries clearly marked on the duplicate, it will be difficult, if not impossible to collect on a win.

In a short while after the player has submitted his original ticket, the next Keno game, or series of consecutive games will begin. Twenty winning Keno numbers are generated for each game. The winning numbers are shown on a large electronic Keno display board, or on an elevated and easily visible video monitor. When the displayed numbers correspond to the player’s picks, he wins. He will receive an amount of cash according to the payout table that is provided by the casino.

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Online Keno

In the online version, the player may wager by selecting one of the many Keno video machines available, which display the numbers 1-80, similar to a Keno card. To play he must first put coins or bills into the slot provided to obtain playing credits. Once he has credits, he will be prompted to indicate his bet by choosing and clicking one of the wagering options shown. He will be asked to indicate his picks, as well as the number of consecutive games he wishes to play. He just picks and clicks. The game proceeds much like other slot games; no receipts are provided; no runner is necessary.

The winning numbers are generated randomly, and the player will be paid according to the number of catches, and the amount bet on each game. Would you like to try keno for fun? You can do so at by clicking here.

The Philosophy of Play

In sum, whether the player is a highly experienced gambler, a fun-loving, go-for-broke risk-taker, or someone who simply enjoys high adrenaline entertainment, he should not forget that the main purpose behind all games is to have fun. Keno should not be a form of self-inflicted poverty, boredom or drudgery.

Keno happens to be fun to play for many, moreover, it moves at a fair pace between the wager(s) made and the payouts. The player who seeks to win at Keno, and to have a entertaining experience at the same time, will always make sure to pick the kind of casino where he is comfortable with his atmosphere and surroundings. He must also feel secure in the knowledge that the house odds and payouts offer him a chance to truly enjoy the experience.

The Rules of Keno

The most important fact to remember, regarding the game of Keno, is that the odds and payouts are likely to differ somewhat in different countries, regions and between casinos. They may also differ online between one casino and the next. The rules and payouts may even differ between machines at the same casino.

For example, the big casinos in downtown Vegas may have Keno odds and payouts that differ amongst those of the casinos on the Vegas Strip. They may also be different between a casino in Laughlin, or Vancouver, Reno, Winnipeg or Tahoe. The wise player, therefore, will always carefully research the payouts and odds, which are in effect, in whichever casino he chooses to play.

The History of Keno

Keno has its origins in China where there is a long history of games of chance. The earliest forms of gambling are said to have appeared in China around 2300 BC, or so. As we know now, gambling has been a part of the human experience ever since. The gradual acceptance of a game of chance like Keno seems like a very natural outgrowth of many and varied antiquated games.

When first introduced to North America, Keno was closely associated with horse-racing, and it has been adapted to a numbers-type of game only in the past few decades.