Baccarat Online

Baccarat is actually a very easy to learn game. In this section, we will explain to you everything you need to know about online Baccarat before playing, including the basic layout of a baccarat table, betting rules, hand values and drawing rules. Remember that Baccarat is a game of chance, with no skill involved at all. That means that once you know the basic rules of the game, you are ready to play Baccarat.

Baccarat concept

But, before starting to explain the rules, we recommend that you download the live casino software from one of our recommended casinos, and register as a guest, so you can gamble for free. We recommend this because when you have the casino software open and play Baccarat, the rules will be much easier to understand and follow.

The basic concept of Baccarat is that there are two hands playing against each other, the Bank and the Player. Both get at least 2 cards, but no more than 3, and the goal is to get as close to 9 as possible. This means that it’s somewhat like Blackjack, with the exception that you cannot bust for going over 9. Should your hand be over 9, you will simply use the last digit of your hand as the hand value. For more information, visit our Hand Values section.

Should one of the two participants get a hand of 8 or 9, it’s called a “Natural” and no more cards are dealt. The person with the higher hand wins that hand. Should both player have the same value, it’s a Tie and unless you bet on the Tie, you will get your original bet back, so you didn’t lose any money on that hand.

Should neither one of the participants have gotten a 8 or 9, a third card might be drawn. For a detailed explanation on who and when the third card is drawn, visit our Drawing Rules section.

To start learning about Baccarat, please visit our Baccarat Table page first by clicking here. On that page, we show you what a baccarat table looks like and what the different fields are there for. It’s not that important to know this when gambling online, but it still can’t hurt to know it.

Should the baccarat table not be of interest to you, you can also go to our Betting Rules section right away to learn more about how to bet in Baccarat.

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Baccarat Table Layout

Below, you can see a basic image of what a baccarat table looks like. Not all tables look exactly like the one shown below, but the differences in table layout are only small ones. Remember that when you play Baccarat online, your baccarat table does not look that complicated, but just gives you 3 choices on what to bet. If you play mostly online and don’t want to know about the basic baccarat table layout, visit our Betting Rules section.

So, what do the different fields on the table mean? Ok, first of all, you should know that on this table, a total of 14 players can play. Each player has their own spot, in front of one of the numbers, which are going around the table. Note that even though the numbers go up to 15, only 14 players can play on this table because the number 13 is not represented on this table.

On the image of a baccarat table, you can see where the dealer is located. In front of him, he has the chips, so he can pay you when you won. In front of that, you can see a row of numbers, which go from 1 to 15, except 13. These numbers represent the numbers where the players are sitting.

This number is important because in those fields, the casino will remember how much you owe them. This is because when you bet on the bank to win, you will have to pay a 5% commission, should you have won. Because the casino does not subtract the commission from your winnings right away, those small fields with the numbers on them are used to keep track of how much you owe the casino in commission.

When you pick one of the slots where a player is seated, you will first see a big field with the number of the spot. In that field, the player can place the chips he has, so he doesn’t have to hold them in his hands.

Above the big numbers, you will see three rows, one stating Players, the other stating Bankers and last one stating Tie. These are the betting fields.

If you want to bet that the player wins, just move the amount of money you want to risk into the field associated with your spot in the Players row. Of course, you can also put your money in the Bankers field or the Tie field.

Flat Betting To Win Baccarat Bets

The reason why most, but not all, Baccarat systems lose is because they stay in one spot and repeat themselves over and over again with the same mechanical rules. The congenial random nature of this Baccarat game is such that it will undoubtedly pick the system apart by itself over time and render it harmless. The important point is to get to the edge in Baccarat to turn this scenario back to the casino and have you pick the shoe apart. At least it is better instead of suing the Baccarat method to play.

You know it very well when playing Baccarat; you cannot stay in one spot for a long time and cannot be efficient in beating a game as the game is always changing its face on us. But the golden rule of playing the game is you need to learn to fight “eye on eye” and then refine your results to devolve a pattern from sometime that was unusual to you.

Below listed are a few ticks and facts that is considered due the regards to create an order from the chaos and a legitimate answer to the unknown Baccarat codes.

The casinos sits on a much small scale edge in Baccarat and thus it is inevitable for you to figure out the in-depth of this game and go away wining with this. The main problems the players of Baccarat have been coming across is those chaos in decisions making wit in the shoes and the fact that no one knows what the next hand is going to bring them.

The truth is Baccarat game it can be won, but one should turn on all their internal senses to work at their peak. You should always remember that you should not try and attempt to bank on illusions o even make nay sorts of wishful thinking. You do not and cannot know what the next hand is going to bring you with as you know that every hand will not bring results based on the last or series of past events. Each hand is separate from each other. However, the shoe can be taken as a complete entity and can be worked through to devolve a definable pattern exposed on it.

The almighty solution to all the intricate codes of Baccarat lies on the usage of Flat Betting. You should use the ultimate help of flat betting only while playing. Using flat betting is an approach to the premium way of playing Baccarat as it has it entails a lower risk and the fact you do not have to through up more money at the game table to come up with a huge amount of fortune. Also, you will be able to bet on larger amounts as you do not have to double your wager after a loss like in the case of Martingale bet selection.

Final words

Flat betting is the only way to be assured if a method has a real advantage over the game or not. Most casino experts say that if you cannot beat in flat betting, do not bet at all. You should agree to this point to and start flat betting the next time you sit for a Baccarat table.