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Online casinos offer players literally hundreds of exciting video slots they can choose from. The best slots sites in UK with video slots have become an extremely popular choice due to everything they have to offer slots players. There is no doubt that the video slots provide players with many more features, bonuses, and chances than the classic slots do. Those players who are looking for a slots game which is full of entertainment value and opportunities is a player who tends to spend their time on the video slot machines.

One thing many players like about the video slots is they have a lot of choices when it comes to their bets. Video slot machines can have as many as 50 paylines. Each payline will allow a player to bet a certain amount of coins, it’s generally 5. This means that the players can place small bets, or they can play the maximum allowable coins on all of the paylines for a maximum bet that is quite large. Players will be able to switch it up a bit if they need to adjust their budget and still stay on the same slots game.

best slots sites uk

Top slots in United Kingdom

The video slots also have a lot going on which generally includes bonus features, free spins, multipliers, wilds, and scatters. This is one reason why some people prefer to stay with the classic slots; they get overwhelmed at the thought of playing a slot machine that has so many features. However, video slots fans love all of these features and the entertainment and excitement that go with them, not to mention the added chances of winning.

Players should take a look at the instructions when they are going to play a new video slot so they can familiarize themselves with all of the features they will have a chance of taking advantage of. Many video slots will offer the player a chance to go into an adventurous bonus round which will open up a new game. This game may be very interactive and require the player to make some decisions. This adds to the enjoyment of the game and brings something extra to the table for the players. Anyone who is looking for a great slot machine they can enjoy will want to look through the huge selection of video slots that are available at most of the internet casinos. They can provide players with endless hours of fun and a lot of chances to win.

Pros/Cons of Bonus Features in Slots

Bonus Feature games are one of my favorites. They let you take a break in between your slot playing every once in a while to play a mini game of sorts if you hit the right combination. But there are some things to consider before you play, or even think about playing on one of the Bonus Feature Slot Games.

I’m sure one of the first things you were thinking about has been are the payouts different between the Bonus Feature Slot Games, and the regular Slot Machines. The con of having that extra game in which you can play to win free credits come with a lower pay out rate during the actual game. So there is a lower payout when you aren’t playing the extra free mini games, but you can make that up in the little Bonus Feature games that you can play if you hit the right combination.

This is both a pro and a con. The pro is that if you can hit the combination feature you can easily make up the fact that you aren’t making as much during the regular slot game. The con of this fact would be that you don’t make such a high pay out when you are playing the slot game, without the features. So if you don’t hit the right combination to get the feature then you wouldn’t make as much of a profit, if any.

By now you are probably wondering if there are any betting requirements that you have too to achieve the Bonus Feature games of this slot machine. The answer to that is that it depends on the game that you are playing. Most of the video slots at Magic Red Casino that I have ever seen, have a pay-table button that will describe the rules on getting awarded the bonus game. Be sure you know what this is as this can be awarded in many different ways.

Some bonus features are achieved by getting three bonus icons on the screen at the same time. Some games need you to get these bonus icons on a payline in order to be won. Still others only have two bonus icons and they will only appear on certain reels on the slot machine.

If you are an alert and observant and alert player then you can save yourself the disappointment of playing a bad game. A good way of figuring this out would be to look at the pay tables to see whether or not you need to play a certain way in order to qualify for the Bonus Feature game, or if you have to hit a certain combination to qualify for the Bonus Feature Game.

Now there is the big question that is sure to be on everybody’s mind and that question is it worth the effort playing? The whole point of a Bonus Feature game if for the player’s entertainment, and you certainly get that with the bonus games. You can win extra credits through playing the Bonus Feature Games so if you aren’t winning as much during the regular game then you can make up for that by playing the Bonus Feature Game.

But overall, the main purpose of the Bonus Feature Game is to keep you the player happy and entertained while you are playing the slot machine, which you certainly are. In my opinion I would easily pick the Bonus Feature Game over practically any other slot machine if I had the choice. All that you really should remember is that the bonus feature in any video slot machine is there to reward players with a big payout. The reason that they can do this and still offer non-bonus round games is by making games with these feature pay out on lines less overall.


So now you know a little bit more about the Bonus Feature Games, and it is up to you to see if it is worth the time playing, and I hope that it is for you as well as it was for me. If you are interested in playing some video slot games with a bonus feature, but don’t want to play with real money yet, you should check out the free slot games at free online slots. Also, if you would like to try playing video slots for real but don’t have much to any money to play with, take a look at free slot machine tournaments or play one of classic live casino games such as baccarat, keno, craps or roulette. This site is updated monthly with all of the free slot tournaments for players in the US taking place that month.